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Board director

Executive Director Marlene Berthelot,

Marlene C. Berthelot, is the executive director and co-founder of Haitian Mission Par la Foi, Inc. Marlene’s main focus is to help HMPLF attends self-sufficiency and empower others. They are currently working on a bakery which will create jobs, trainings and access to local bread.

Since its beginning, Marlene C. Berthelot enabled Haitian Mission Par la Foi, Inc. to do “whatever it takes” to improve the lives of the people in destitute communities in Haiti, whether building the orphanage and a school Stars Academy for more than 400 children, a small mobile clinic program, a school for adults.

Marlene has been since 2014 looking for support to implement a self-sustainability farming technology project in Haiti.

President Marie Jessie Pierre,

 Rev. Jessie Pierre has devoted her entire life to serve others. She became an orphan at the age of 12. She is passionate in her love for the people of her beloved Haiti and decided she will best be able to serve by acquiring more education.

She received her teaching certificate from Ecole National D’Haiti and began her teaching career in 1971. Jessie also worked on many different projects in agriculture, literacy, and women issues in Haiti. In 1978, she immigrated to the US and went back to school to further her education where she received her bachelors degree in education at the University of Massachussets in Boston, Mass. She also received her Masters degree in Theology at Gordon Cornwell Seminary in Boston, Mass in 1992. In the States, she continues to teach and advocates for the haitians with immigration and translation issues.  She is the co-founder of the Haitian Mission Par la Foi, Inc., a non-profit 501c3 organization incorporated in the State of Florida.

Contact our Board director:

Marlene Berthelot, Executive Director, Email: marleneberthelot@saveourhaiti.org

Marie Jessie Pierre, President

Gabrielle Saint Charles, Esq., Vice President, Email: gabriellesaintcharles@saveourhaiti.org

Sabine Powell, Secretary, Email: sabinepowell@saveourhaiti.org

Davidson Pierre-David, Intl. Relations Advisor, Email: davidsonpierredavid@saveourhaiti.org

Rochard Powell, Advisory Committee in USA, Email: rochardpowell@saveourhaiti.org

Michelet Laguerre, Advisory Committee in Haiti

Gerson Feliz, Process Manager, Email: gersonfeliz@saveourhaiti.org

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Email: parlafoi@aol.com

Office Numbers:
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Please contact Marlene Berthelot Executive Dr.

Office in Haiti:
Please contact Rev. Marie Jessie A. Pierre. Adm.