Our School

Our School in Gressier

Our school STARS ACADEMY will be situated on 15 acres of land on Route Nationale #2 south, approximately 30 miles out of the center of Port-au-Prince. Our student body will compose of 400 students which 80 percent will be underserved children from the Gressier area and 20 percent will be affluent students from different countries. The school will provide guidance and room and board to out of town students.


Our funding source will rely on donations, direct sponsorship of students, private pay students, fundraising and the proceeds from the selling of goods and services from the farm, thrift store and cafeteria.


Our vision is to create the school of the future for Haiti, where students will receive a bilingual education, training in agriculture and discipline in Taekwondo. Students will also be exposed to other cultures through the use of language and interaction with foreigners.

Contact us

Physical Address:
2227 22nd Street SouthSt. Petersburg, FL 33712

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 531483
St. Petersburg, FL 33747
Email: parlafoi@aol.com

Office Numbers:
(727) 823-5394
(727) 543-0867
Please contact Marlene Berthelot Executive Dr.

Office in Haiti:
Please contact Rev. Marie Jessie A. Pierre. Adm.